Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa song ‘Tu Maula Hai’ launched | Ft. Pooja Chopra & Zarina Wahab

Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa song 'Tu Maula Hai' launched | Ft. Pooja Chopra & Zarina Wahab

Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa song ‘Tu Maula Hai’ launched | Ft. Pooja Chopra & Zarina Wahab: – ‘Tu Maula Hai’ is a newly released song from the movie ‘Yea Toh Two Much Ho Gayaa’ which is going to release on 2nd Sept this year. The film is starring Jimmy Shergill, Pooja Chopra, and Arbaaz Khan is lead roles and another actor like Bruna Abdullah, Murli Sharma, Zarina Wahab, Vijay Patkar, Dev Sharma and Srikant Maski are in the significant roles. The plot is slightly confusing because of  its trailer which fails to narrate the storyline to the audience. ‘Bullet Raja’ actor is playing twin role in the movie and Arbaaz Khan is playing the role of Villian. It based on action and drama genres, and Anwer Khan has directed it, produced by Ali Unwala, co-produced by T Nillay Pande.

‘Tu Maula Hai’ is an emotional song based on Muslim god worshiping, Mohd. Shafi has voiced it, lyrics and music have been introduced by Badri Lacewala. It is a quiet sad song which conveys the respect to almighty ‘Allah,’ tunes of harmonium in the song is very polite and refreshes the mind. Though the track is like Ghazal, mostly senior citizens will love it, and it will also be played is Muslim worshiping places like Masjid and Eid celebrations. In the video, mother(Zarina Wahab) of Meena (Pooja Chopra) is shown suffering from illness and on the other side Mak (Arbaaz Khan) went to the hospital to look after his brother’s poor health condition as he was beaten by Mann – Mohan (Jimmy Shergill). In both the cases, a strong bond with Maula or God has been shown.

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The ‘Commando’ actor is taking care of her mother in the scenes as she is very sick and always reaches the threshold of God’s doorstep to beg good health for her mom. Mak also seems worried at the hospital because of the ongoing operation of his brother, he was praying to Lord Krishna for operation gets successful. There are fewer scenes of Jimmy Shergill in the song in which he only does his quick job to manipulate people with his twin identity. The story of the film starts with Mak a gangster who can not bear any harm to his brother at any cost, who, so ever have thought of hurting his brother Mak have killed them all, and he also completes his brother’s all wishes whether it good one or a bad one.

According to the trailer, one day somehow Dev (brother) clashes with Jimmy Shergill, and he got defeated by him. When his elder brother Mak came to know about it, he goes fully mad. He hires his whole team of bad guys to find that person and kill him who has beaten Dev. Pooja Chopra is playing the role of lover of Jimmy and ‘Bullet Raja’ actor plays the two personalities to confuse Mak.