‘Vande Mataram’ Patriotic Song Released from Yeh Hai Judgement Hanged Till Death

'Vande Mataram' Patriotic Song Released from Yeh Hai Judgement Hanged Till Death

‘Vande Mataram’ Patriotic Song Released from ‘Yeh Hai Judgement Hanged Till Death’: – ‘Vande Mataram’ is a new patriotic song from the movie “Yeh Hai Judgement Hanged Till Death” which is so energetic that it can make people dance, and lyrics are also heart touching. Unfortunately, this track tardily reached to the people after the celebration of 70th Independence day when every Indian was looking for a new track to play at the ceremony. This song covers most of the topics of Indian social society problems like gender norms, religion discrimination, and dispute among Hindus and Muslims. Mainly, it encourages the youth of India to get together and form a team to lift their country to the top of the world. The voice of the singer is spreading magic that people should love their nation and help everyone.

“Vande Mataram” has been voiced by Mahesh Matkar and penned by Rakesh Kharvi and music have been composed by both which has made the song even more melodious. Though these singers and music maker are not so much famous but they have done a beautiful job by making a patriotic track which is mostly demanded by many official occasion and parties of government. The visuals of the song are fine as in the video it has been performed by a stage singer who is surrounded by students who are enjoying and dancing near the stage.

“Yeh Hai Judgement Hanged Till Death” is movie of man who is trapped by evil people of Indian Government claiming that he is a Terrorist, named  Ashraf Ansari and he was involved in Mumbai Bomb blast and killed many innocent people of different religion. Now his struggles begin as he is innocent but media and government have made his image as a terrorist. Nishant Kumar is playing the lead role in it, and Neetu Wadhwa & Gulshan Tushir are significant roles and Maan has directed the film Kumar