Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti leaked- from where it started

Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti leaked- from where it started

Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti leaked- from where it started:– So now that the news about the leak of the movie Great Grand Masti has been confirmed, the Delhi Police started conducting the raids in order to stop piracy. The rumors confirm that Sundry Palika Bazar traders are involved in the leak. But apart from those small traders, the origin of the leaks is believed to be in Delhi itself. Pahlaj Nahlani and the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) are the ones who are blamed for the leaks of the movies. Sources have confirmed that the copy of the movie that had been leaked is the one that was submitted to FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal) based at Shastri Bhavan. FCAT has been provided the status of the quasi-judicial institution and things have been moving quite slow.

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On Saturday the team of Great Grand Masti confronted the media and confirmed that the copy of the movie that has been released is similar to the one which was submitted to FCAT. Even Riteish Dekshmukh said the same their team is very sure that the leaked copies are the copies submitted to FCAT.

While Nahlani has been blamed all over the social media for the leak of the movie he did come up with something which went unnoticed. He said that they have receiving the complaints of the DVD/CD prints of the movies which has censor marks on them are being leaked online on the torrent websites. To which he confirmed that they had stopped those procedures of taking the movies in DVD/CD formats, they now prefer to watch the movies in the digital formats. So yes a censor copy was made for the team of FCAT but it still needed to be in the DVD format.

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The website of FCAT has also laid down the guidelines regarding all the things that need to be submitted while one is filing appeal and point number (vi) says that One DVD/CD/VCD/Video Cassette of the film needs to be submitted to CBFC.

Sources also confirmed that the DVD which was found to be leaked had the seal on it but was tampered by the Cyber Cell in order to complete the investigation. Not very long ago the directors and the people associated with the movie were after CBFC but now they are saying that the print that got leaked was the one submitted to the FCAT. Things are in so much confusion as of now. The makers should be assertive as to who to blame and should be clear in their appeal. The police has been investigating this case and until some conclusion is reached it will be difficult to comment anything.