Twinkle Khanna describes the Journalist as Bua

Twinkle Khanna describes the Journalist as Bua

Twinkle Khanna describes the Journalist as Bua:– When Sania Mirza launched her Autobiography “Ace against the odds” an interview was also conducted where journalist Rajdeep Sardesai asked a plenty of questions to Sania Mirza. He asked questions regarding motherhood and settling up in her life. He also asked Mirza that in her novel Ace against the odds, she has not discussed anything about building up a family, parenthood and settling up in life. Perturbed Sania replied instantly to this and said that it seems that Rajdeep is quite disappointed as Sania prioritised being number in the Tennis game over motherhood.

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Sania also added that she is anyway going to answer his question, and as a woman she faces this question very oftenly. first its marriage and then its parenthood. And to the society one is settled in life only when one has a family, kids etc. And regardless of the fact that she might win numbers of Wimbledons or even become the number one in the world but she will not become settled. But regarding the family thing she confirmed that it will certainly happen but now now and whenever it will happen she will herself inform everyone about it.

Twinkle Khanna wife of famous Actor Akshay Kumar aka Mrsfunnybones (name of her Twitter Handle) who has satirical approach towards people who give sexist remarks. She used her wit to reply to the questions of Rajdeep to Sania.

Seems that Twinkle was also disappointed with Rajdeep’s question and in response to his question she tweeted –

Rajdeep was banged by Sania, public and Twinkle also when he asked the questions to Sania. The journalist apologised to this but Twinkle’s “Bua” remark has already gone viral on the Twitter.