Suicide Squad 2nd Day Box office collection | Opening Weekend

Suicide Squad 2nd Day Box office collection | Opening Weekend

Suicide Squad 2nd Day Box office collection | Opening Weekend: – ‘Suicide Squad’ in an America Anti-Hero movie and it is based on the characters of DC Comics. It released on 5th August 2016 with a large opening from the very first day. It is a multi star film which includes very famous celebrities like ‘Will Smith’, ‘Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’, ‘Cara Delevingne’, ‘Jay Hernandez’, ‘Scott Eastwood’, ‘Joel Kinnaman’, ‘Ike Barinholt’, ‘Viola Davis’, ‘Jai Courtney’, ‘Jared Leto’ and ‘Margot Robbie.’ Such strong is tough to handle, but the director David Ayer has intelligently played with characters of Bad Guys. He has managed to show people that wrong people can also do good things even if they are criminal, murderers, and anti-social elements.

Best Parts of ‘Suicide Squad’

The film is screened at 4,255 locations, and it expected that it would break the record of Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy,’ it is the third biggest superhero movie after ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ ‘Suicide Squad’ is the most discussed and awaited movie of the year as the concepts were totally unseen, the viewers have never seen a supervillain saga fighting with another villain to save the world. The most interesting part is the team of badass people struggling to save the world. Director was successful in the comedy section of the movie, ‘Captain Boomerang’ mainly made the audience laugh with his silly tricks and action. Margot Robbie as ‘Harley Quinn’ as the sexiest girl in the team, her dialogue are offensive and insulting but as a normal human being able to cope up other Meta Humans.

Most of the fans have watched this film for ‘Joker’ after the death of Heath Ledger fans were on their knee to see the new fictional character of ‘Joker’ played by ‘Jared Leto.’ Most fans are disappointed with it because the boyfriend of ‘Harley Quinn’ is shaped as very young and seems less dangerous than Old ones. Laugh is also excellent but did not able to make people panic. Best surprising turn comes in the film, ‘Witch’ was introduced in the trailer so it was evident that she will be there with the team but no she is the main Villian in the movie and most powerful among all.

Suicide Squad Saturday Box Office Collection

‘Suicide Squad’ is bursting out at the International Box Office and it has able to collect $8.1 million on its opening day and on its second day it collected up to $23.4 million. According to the reports, it will raise collect $140 million in its first weekends. But nothing can be said earlier because followers of ‘Suicide Squad’ at social media platform are tremendous, at the official page of Facebook it holds 4 million followers, so definitely this movie is going to break the records of others which also released in August last year wich the same Genre. The film Has been released in 57 countries including South Korea, Russia, France, CIS, Mexico, Ireland and Spain.

The film has got ratings from the different genuine site; RottenTomatoes has given it 4.6 ratings out of 10, IMDb gave 7.2/10, on Metacritic it scored 41/100. This number is entirely different from another fictional character movie, in the beginning, the film is stylish, entertaining, and thrilling but after the interval, it becomes totally unpredictable and surprising.