Sonakshi Sinha handling two films at the same time

Sonakshi Sinha handling two films at the same time

Sonakshi Sinha handling two films at the same time: – The 29 years old actress who appeared in the teaser of the action movie “Akira” is a skilled actress. When her fans caught her doing mixed martial arts, this time, it left adorable fans surprised because her stunts and fighting scene are so realistic even the Indian Film Industry congratulated her. Currently, she is completing the shooting of ‘Akira’ at the same time she is also shooting for her upcoming film ‘Noor’, on one side she is playing the role of fighter to prove her innocence on another hand she is playing is a role of a genuine journalist in the ‘Noor’ which is coming on next year at the month December nearby Christmas.

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‘Noor’ is about a girl who is very much disturbed with her life because she thinks that her life is so boring and every day she bears the things which she hates like hardworking, punctuality and sincerity. But in her real life, Sonakshi is a news reporter, who work in a News agency, but her mistakes and late work always push her into trouble. How her life will be on track and who will come in her life to hold her hands to solve all problems. A short First look posted by T-Series of 1:02 min to give an idea of that weird girl. Sonakshi revealed that she loves being a particular character at one day and a totally different character another day it is an impressive skill inside her; there is no problem to her while switching the characters she plays.

In ‘Noor’ she is Adorable, Impulsive, Dreamer, Impatient, Confused, Social Media Lover, and alcoholic too, It is directed by Sunhil Sippy. ‘Akira’ is going to release before ‘Noor’ on 2nd Sept 2016 in which ‘Akson Jackson’s’ actor is sincere, good in studies, mixed martial arts expert, and struggles for her innocence, working as two different roles on same time is a tough task, but Sonakshi seems quite comfortable with it. It is all about hard work and specific goal in mind that motivates a person to achieve significant goals that person is Sonakshi Sinha.