Shahrukh Khan’s unseen 1991 short film ‘Mahan Karz’ goes viral after 25 years

Shahrukh Khan's unseen 1991 short film 'Mahan Karz' goes viral after 25 years

Shahrukh Khan’s unseen 1991 short film ‘Mahan Karz’ goes viral after 25 years: – Shahrukh Khan is one of those celebrities who achieved a lot of things and success in his life without any support from his family or anyone else. With his growing age, he is gaining a huge fan following day by day just because of his hard work, in Indian Film industry he is not only known for his looks or charm Shahrukh is known for his heart-touching performances on the big screens. Many people especially youngs fans follows him as an idol to get successful as him. So here is the unseen short film of him when he was a young 25-year-old man showing his acting prowess and how! And that film is now going viral on Youtube titled as ‘Mahan Karz’ (A big debt), in the 17 minutes long video the 50 years old actor is playing the role of treasurer’s son who want to learn and serve at Maharaja’s castle.

The short film clearly proves his struggling journey and how he became the Badshah of B-Town. In the Short Film Shahrukh‘s sweet talk wins the heart of the king though the king was very strict in employing people for his work and he was looking damn charming in that old time dress. And, he also plays the role of a real friend towards his friend circle, the actor goes to an entertainment place where beautiful girl flaunts their dance, but he leaves that place just because he has a responsibility towards his new job at the castle. Next day at evening he joins his friends to share glasses of Madira(Alcohol) and plays Chausar game, and later he loses his whole money in the match and then he plays the Chausar with the King’s money which is given to him for accounting.

Shahrukh Khan's unseen 1991 short film 'Mahan Karz' goes viral after 25 years

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After that game, he became of levanter of Maharaja and did not able to find any way to pay the money and finally decide to commit suicide. But, as he was drunk he falls on the floor and gets unconscious. Next morning, King finds him lying on the floor, and when Shahrukh Khan regains consciousness, he immediately explains what happened to him last night and asks the Maharaja to have mercy on him. But King forgives him and take all debt on himself.

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As per video’s description, this short film was directed by Shahrukh Khan’s theatre friend Dinesh Lakhanpal and SRK’s payoff for the film was just a sum of Rs 3000. It was a film which based on Easter to show the greatness of Jesus Christ and Dinesh found that King Khan would be perfect for the role.

Here is the short film Titled ‘Mahan Karz’ (A big debt) 1991 Starring King Khan