Shahrukh Khan looking for a perfect release date for ‘Raees’

Shahrukh Khan looking for a perfect release date for 'Raees'

Shahrukh Khan looking for a perfect release date for ‘Raees’: – The 50 years old actor Shahrukh Khan is unable to find a perfect date for his Crime Drama Movie ‘Raees’ to be released. When the shooting was on the way team of ‘Raees’ and King Khan decided to launch the film on this EID 2016 but later their decision was changed because Salman‘s movie was also going to be released on EID and the idea of releasing two big Blockbuster movies on same time was not a good idea as movie’s budgets will get affected due to this.

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The time of Eid belongs to Salman Khan he always releases his movie especially on Eid and the time of Diwali is of Shahrukh Khan, however, the things didn’t work out for King Khan(Shah Rukh Khan) and release date of ‘Raees’ got postponed. SRk has given a proper reason and explanation that why there is a delay on Raees release. He said that he discussed the things with Salman khan that the films show their level release wise and releasing two big films at the same time reduce the chance of success for the films. it also causes big loss for the budgets of the movies and having 8,000 to 9,000 screen is not possible for the release of big films.

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He also said that there are some shoots which are still pending because he was injured, the film’s shooting is completed and looking for an alternate release date within this year but some other movies are going to also release at the end.

The temporary release date of Raees has been fixed which is on January 25th or 26th on next year. But there is an upcoming movie of Hrithik Roshan named ‘Kaabil’ and its release date is 26th January 2017, so SRk reached to the Kaabil’s makers to delay their date of release to avoid the clashes of movies. Shahrukh Khan already knows that Hrithik will be doing Kaabil but yet shooting has not started. Regarding this, he has talked to Rakesh Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, and Hrithik Roshan, now they will decide what is to be done.

The actor also said that “Both the movies are expected to suffer if they are released on the same day. We are trying to find a middle ground and talk to the makers of ‘Kaabil’ to avoid any clash.”

Currently, Shah Rukh has completed his latest movie ‘Dear Zindagi’ with Alia Bhatt which is going to be release in the month of November 2016. The Trailer is not released till yet but soon it will be launched.