Scarlett Johansson being Highest-Grossing Actress feels disappointing

Scarlett Johansson being Highest-Grossing Actress feels disappointing

Scarlett Johansson being Highest-Grossing Actress feel disappointing: – The Black Widow(Scarlett) of Avengers is the highest earning actress in Hollywood when she joined Iron Man 1 at 2008 she became the best woman fighter at that time. After that, she mainly worked with Marvel in its most of the movies as she is now an Avenger. At the Gene Siskel Film Center’s annual celebration in Chicago, she got the Renaissance Award.

But the 31 years old actress was unhappy by the fact that she was the only actress in this category of Highest-Grossing Actress. As she trailed other 9 actresses in this category she quoted “It’s exciting to be the only woman in the category,” while noting, “it is kind of disappointing actually to be the only woman in this category, that was a little bit of a surprise to me.”

According to the Box Office mojo, Scarlett Johansson scored 3.3 Billion at U.S box office placing herself in the 10th position of the highest earning actor which is quite outstanding.

This statement gives a hint that she a supporter for women & want more woman should be included in this category. The black Widow revealed that working as a mother in Hollywood is not an easy job, “If somebody has the magic recipe for making being a working mom easy, let me know… working moms two thumbs up.”

she loves to spend time with her elder daughter who is 22 years old, enjoys that moment when she changes the dirty diapers, distracting item like a song, toys never work with her younger daughter she really hates it and throw them away.

Scarlett Johansson is now preparing for the fourth installment of Avenger which will be introduced in two parts the first part will be released on 4th May 2018 and second will be 3rd May 2019 which is a very long journey for her. Now it is expected that both upcoming parts of Avenger will uplift her position at Highest grossing actress.