Rustom first Look, Akshay Kumar’s Patriotic Trailer Launched


Rustom first Look, Akshay Kumar’s Patriotic Trailer Launched: – As promised by Akshay Kumar on 27th June via Twitter, Rustom Trailer will soon launch and today the first look of the movie has launched on youtube by ZeeStudios. Starring Akshay Kumar as Naval officer, Ileana D’Cruz as his wife, Esha Gupta as the sister of Vikram Akhija, who is the lover of Akshay Kumar’s wife in the movie, and Arjan Bajwa as Vikram Akhija. The trailer looks very promising to the audience it will have an impact in their minds by knowing about the real incident of 1959. It is full of thrill & suspense with a romantic of love story & cheating wife.

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The Khiladi has again come back with a patriotic film, the other patriotic films of his like ‘Airlift’ and Holiday he is ready to leave remarks on box office again.

The trailer shows that Akshay Kumar as the Indian Naval Officer named Rustom Pavri made an incident at Mumbai 1959 by killing his wife’s lover Vikram Akhija when Rustom Pavri found a love letter from Vikram Akhija to his wife, he got very angry and did not want to listen to any excuse from his wife. After finding his wife’s lover, he fires three shots to kill him, and these ‘3 shots changed the nation’ which is also the tagline of the movie.

When this news of murder by a Naval Officer came out to the public. All starts posting allegations to him that he is a murderer, and then the fight of Rustom Pavri starts with his Nation; the situation got so critical & confusing that becomes hard to prove that whether he is a Murderer, Traitor, and Patriot?  It is the main suspense of the film which will be revealed at Theatre on 12th August This year.  As a Naval Officer and true patriot, later on, people starts believing & supports him, the murder done by him becomes his power. He has done a grateful job by killing Vikram Akhija. When Judge asked him that he accepts the murder of Vikram Akhija, Rustom Pavri Replies “I plead but not Guilty.”

Till yet the teaser has got 677,609 views, and 27,251 likes from the fans, which show a success of the trailer. Akshay Kumar Has already worked with Tinu Suresh Desai, who is the director of this movie. 12th August 2016 has been fixed as the release date of the ‘Rustom.’ Fans of Khiladi is Eagerly waiting up for the movie to be released; he is the only actor who has done Patriotic movies like this.

Rustom(2016) Cast and Crew

Director – Dharmendra Suresh Desai
Writer – Vipul Rawal


Akshay Kumar
Ileana D’Cruz
Arjan Bajwa
Javed Khan