‘Raaz Reboot’ Movie Review & First Day Box Office Collection

'Raaz Reboot' Movie Review & First Day Box Office Collection

‘Raaz Reboot’ Movie Review & First Day Box Office Collection: – Today, director Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Raaz Reboot’ hit the theaters, and it was expected that this film would be most entertaining, as earlier sequels of ‘Raaz’ were good. ‘Raaz Reboot’ is a horror movie starring Emraan Hashmi, Kirti Kharbanda, and Gaurav Arora in lead roles. So let’s start with the plot of the film and read the reviews below to find out the movie is worth of the people’s money or not?

Plot of the story

It is a horror film based on ‘Raaz (Secret),’ Shaina(Kirti Kharbanda) is a straightforward and innocent lady who is disturbed with her husband Rehan(Gaurav Arora) because he has lost his interest in his marriage. Shaina moves back to Romania along with her hubby as Rehan got a beneficial offer from his company to move Romania. When they both migrated to their new house, the first thing Shaina noticed was her hubby’s behavior as Rehan started maintaining distance from her like an unknown person. After that, she starts experiencing some strange things like moving of desk, moving curtains and all. And, Evil or spirit in that house gets stronger every day, and after that Emraan Hashmi met her surprisingly and with one indication he got to know something was wrong with her and after further investigation by the Aditya(Emraan) it is found that Rehan is hiding a dirty Raaz.

'Raaz Reboot' Movie Review & First Day Box Office Collection

‘Raaz Reboot’ Movie Review

First of all the Vikram Bhatt has disappointed all his horror-loving fans and ‘Raaz’ is series which needs a reboot, but this film is not an answer for that at least till the interval. Another ‘Raaz’ movie makes it way to the theaters, what with a difference? It’s a reboot now though that does not make any sense in the context since this is just another typical Vikram Bhatt film. So, the audience has windows opening by themselves, possessed women, dark secrets, unsurprising twist and fewer horror things. If by reboot then mean taking the story of first ‘Raaz’ film and making slight changes to it then. Yes, it is! But then that’s the case with most of the horror movies the people have seen in Bollywood since the first ‘Raaz.’ It is the same old a couple moves in a registered house in Romania where a spirit is already residing there, now the only thing is that the couple can not move out. This is where Emraan Hashmi comes in. The film has all icons associating with the other world. For the first time, Bhatt’s music is not much impressive especially when the ‘Raaz’ series is known for giving chartbusters.

The husband of Shaina is really a good character that Bhatt have introduced in the film as he speaks a lot through his eyes and second thing which is surprising when Rehan finds that his wife is engaged in an extra-marital affair with Aditya, he behaves so normal to it as it is nothing new to him and for this world also. Kirti Kharbanda’s performance is amusing in some places like when the spirit tries to haunt her she runs here and there, wrong timing of reactions and all. And, in scenes of possessions she is supposed to be half-decent but the scenes are kind of laughable. To hold the interest of the audience few romantic and stretched song have been included in the film, and it saved the movie from crashing simply, as all know that to make a Hindi film in India two-three songs are mandatory to show the love chemistry of lead roles.

There is only one surprising twist in the movie which saved ‘Raaz Reboot’ from being a called as an absolute mess. The director has borrowed many scenes from the old horror movies like Exorcism of Emily Rose and Paranormal Activity. At last, the conclusion comes here that this film has nothing new in it, most of the scene actually the whole movie is predictable except one decent twist, the female lead role performance is not so good, and it has very less surprising elements.

‘Raaz Reboot’ First Day Box Office Collection

With Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Raaz Reboot’ Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s ‘PINK’ has also hit the theaters on Friday and really ‘PINk’ is announcing itself as the king. On one side Aniruddha’s film is getting good response and reviews from the audience and as well as from the celebs, on the other hand, Bhatt’s ‘Raaz’ is getting negative reviews from the people, and these bad reviews are definitely going to affect it in the coming days. As from the reports, it is found that ‘Raaz Reboot’ has opened to a 20% occupancy and it has able to collect 4 to 5 crores.

Here is the box office collection report of ‘Baar Baar Dekho.’

Saturday: – 07.65 crore

Sunday: – Rs. 06.70 crore

Monday: – Rs. 02.37 crore

Tuesday: – 02.75 crore

Wednesday: – Rs. 01.70 crore

Thursday: – Rs. 01.42 crore

Total Domestic Collection: – Rs. 29.40 crore