Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother for ‘Honour’, says ‘no regrets’

Qandeel Baloch dead Body found in her own house

Qandeel Baloch murdered by her brother for ‘Honour’, says ‘no regrets’: – The young 26 years old Qandeel Baloch was a Pakistani model and an internet sensation for his fans, most of the people of Pakistan dislike her for posting inappropriate pics and videos on Facebook and also suggested that her Facebook Fan page should be banned. Qandeel Baloch was murdered by his own brother on Saturday, 16th July 2016, there was no accurate reason for killing her but the Pakistani news media named it as ‘Honour Killing.’ On Sunday 17th July 2016 Muhammad Waseem the brother of Qandeel Baloch admitted that he murdered his sister at home.


Qandeel Baloch dead Body found in her own house
Qandeel Baloch dead Body found in her own house

He gave a tablet to subdue her and then strangled Qandeel at their house over the weekend. When questioned by the Media about the case he replied the murder of her sister as “Honour killing” and “No regrets.” The murder of Baloch whose real name was Fauzia Azeem sent viral shockwaves in Pakistan and as well as in the social media. In facebook post she always tries to educate people about the women power and women should be given freedom and not stop them doing anything they want, her provocative pics and videos continued over facebook page. About this she was being threatened that she would be murdered if she did not stop posting these kinds of provocative things to FB. But she ignored all these things and continued her wishes at social media.

Her celebrity life started when she gave the audition in ‘Pakistan Idol’ and was reportedly rejected, after coming out from the stage she scolded the judges very badly from there she became the internet sensation. Also, when there was a match between India and Pakistan she requested Shahid Afridi the captain of Pakistani Cricket Team to win the match from India in a video of her own FB page, as Pakistan got failed to defeat India. Then she again posted a video in which she was scolding Shahid Afridi for not able to defeat India by saying “I Hate you Shahid Afridi.”

Qandeel Brother wasim | Murderer
Qandeel Brother Wasim | Murderer
Police Arrested Waseem for killing Qandeel Baloch
Police Arrested Waseem for killing Qandeel Baloch

After that when she saw Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli while cracking the balls with his bat, then she had a crush on him and on that crush also she posted a video on her social page by saying “I love You Virat please leave Anushka Sharma and come to me.” Pakistani Media asked Qandeel that why she can not be with only one person in reply to that she said love is different and crush is a different thing for her, crush fever comes to her for 2 -3 three days but her love is permanent.

This murder took place when her brother Wasim was asking her to quit modeling and stop posting videos on social media but she didn’t stop all the request made by her brother due to that Muslim brother was very upset later on this murder took place on Saturday, the police said have taken the parent in custody, Miss Baloch was gone to Punjab from Karachi as she was being threatened to her security.

It is not a new case of Honour Killing in Pakistan, there are hundreds of women killed within the year in the name of Honour Killing it is also common in India also. When Baloch was having the intuitions that she would be killed by some she plea to the government of Pakistan for her security three weeks ago but her plea was ignored by the Pakistani Government which leads to her death.