‘PASSENGERS’ Official Trailer is out, Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt


‘PASSENGERS’ Official Trailer is out, Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt: – Today, the most awaited movie’s trailer launched titled as ‘PASSENGER’ in which Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are in the lead role, and really the off-screen couple is looking great in the trailer. It is a big budget space romance film which is going to the hit the theatres before the Christmas on 23rd December this year. So it is another movie which is based on the future life of humans where the technology will be the essential part of survival, but this time, the unique storyline is shown to the audience with many quirky twists.

In the trailer, Pratt’s character Jim and Lawrence’s Aurora find themselves all alone in an High-tech passenger ship when they wake up from their sleeping pods from cryostasis ninety years earlier than intended and accidently being ejected from the sleeping pods. Both wake up same time after that they did not know any clue that why they have wake up so early. As they find themselves alone so they start getting attracted to each other, where Jim uses old style for asking a girl to go on a date with the help of an intelligent robot and this space romance is the thing to watch.

Then both of them go to the date where a robot bartender Arthur (Martin Sheen) attends them humbly. But Soon this space romance ends as they find a big problem coming at them as the ship, and its unconscious cargo is in danger and now Jim and Aurora are the only two humans who can save the ship. With this, they will also find the mystery behind their early wake. So it will be really fun to see both the good looking actors on the big screen and working together.

According to some reports, the plot of this film was different from the current plot which has been showed in the trailer. According to its earlier plot, Jim wakes up 90 years early before anyone else so he get frightened as he would grow old and die alone, to get a company he decides to wake up another passenger from the sleep. Before Jim get to wake her up, he does research on her and finds that Aurora is Journalist, and he read all her articles and believes that what she have written is right. Then he takes the decision to get a partner for himself as he finds she would be perfect for him.

In 2015 when the Jennifer Lawrence was filming a love scene with Pratt, she revealed that scene was bizarre” experience for her, and she had to get especially drunk to shoot that scene. She further explained it that nobody did nothing wrong it was just a scene which she had to shoot with Pratt, but it was really weird for her. Jennifer also added that it was her job and but she could not tell it to her stomach. That was the most vulnerable she have ever been.