‘Parched’ 2016 Movie Review | Opening day Box Office Collection | A film by Ajay Devgan & Leena Yadav

'Parched' 2016 Movie Review | Opening day Box Office Collection | A film by Ajay Devgan & Leena Yadav

‘Parched’ 2016 Movie Review | Opening day Box Office Collection | A film by Ajay Devgan & Leena Yadav: – Today, Ajay Devgan‘s presentation landed in the theaters, and it is getting positive responses from the viewers and audience. People are saying that this is another movie which talks about the women empowerment like Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘PINK.’ ‘Parched’ is featuring Radhika Apte, Surveen Chawla, Tannishtha Chatterjee, and Lehar Khan in vitals role. Women hold similar rights as men, and they have their own desires and choices in today’s time, and also they have the authority to put a stop on abuse and violence. These crucial points are toplined in ‘Parched’ directed by Leena Yadav.


The theme of the film shows how female lives in this male dominating society, but it is presented in a very bold way. The story revolves around three women Rani aka Tannishtha Chatterjee, Lajjo aka Radhika Apte, and Bijli aka Surveen Chawla. Rani is widow taking care of her household and her seventeen years old son, and Lajjo is attractive young women who have an abusive husband and works in a garment manufacturer with her friend Rani who is a widow, whereas Bijli is stage show dancer and a prostitute. Later their life drastically changes and how they deal with the situation is interestingly shown in the film. Tannishtha, Radhika, and Surveen did a fantastic job in the movie.

Parched’ 2016 Movie Review

It quite a wave of fresh air to see so many women-centric films and all of them has managed to work tremendously well not just at the box office but even attains a big thumbs up from the critics. It is a film that focuses only on how a woman is being troubled by the old school norms of the society but also how female sexuality is affected because of the same. It can be admitted the Leena Yadav have fantastically improved herself in term of directions after ‘Shabd’ and ‘Teen Patti’. This film is entirely different from the standard Hindi cinema which is  same old drama, love, and fight as it is an another sexuality awakening film.

‘Parched’ movie can give a feel like people are sitting in that village where this film has been shot and one striking thing that Yadav did, she did not point out the name of the village and she exposed it as it can happen in any village where women are tolerated and abused. And, when it comes to acting all the three actresses did a phenomenal job. Tannishtha’s case was very famous as she is a 32 years old widow every man in the village sees her with evil eyes. Radhika’s character is also adorable as she has done a beautiful job. Surveen Chawla also played her role very well as dancer and prostitute. Ultimately, the intimating scenes had been shot very aesthetically and in a realistic manner.

The film has some bad points too, firstly its trailer was slightly misleading, and the promoting team was promoting ‘Parched’ in a wrong direction. It was expected that it would show some women empowerment and some hard hitting storyline but it was mostly smooth. It has some unnecessary scene which should be eliminated from it. It also confuses the audience as in the last it fails to give the proper message for which the film was made. Surveen’s character is not so appreciable as she is a sex worker cum seductive dancer, she likes to get attention from everybody and is not afraid of her boss at all. When her boss introduces a new young dance in the competition, he makes Surveen insecure for her job and instantly that new girl becomes everybody’s desire. Then Surveen’s character goes away from there to prove that she is still something but for what she goes? There is not any depth in her character, but her acting is good in the film.

‘Parched’ 2016 Movie Box Office Collection

From the reports it has found that ‘Parched’ has made a slow start at the BO and today, it will manage to take around 1 to 2 crore as the people are getting disappointed as they were thinking that this movie will be about women empowerment, but it is not. It BOC is highly affected due to ‘PINK’ which is continuously ruling the theater from six days.

‘Parched’ 2016 Movie Public Review