OMG! Is something wrong between Kapil Sharma and Sumona Chakravarti?

OMG! Is something wrong between Kapil Sharma and Sumona Chakravarti?

OMG! Is something wrong between Kapil Sharma and Sumona Chakravarti?: – ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is one of the best shows ever which is being aired on Sony Entertainment Television and it is the best place for the celebrities to promote their movies and also to share a superb time with an original audience. All the characters which are being played by the supporting comedians are also amusing; their comedy definitely works as a stress buster for those people who come home from their tiring jobs or offices. As everybody knows that Sumona Chakravarti, who performs as a partner with Kapil Sharma, since the previous Sony’s show ‘Comedy Circus,’ is missing from the latest episodes. It was a serious thing that Sumona was being given short time on the stage. So, everyone was confused about her and wanted to know the answers from either Kapil or Sumona.

Meanwhile, an entertainment portal succeeded to ask her the reason behind her inconsistency on the show. Sumona said, “I don’t know. We have shot many gags and there are many of my episodes in the bank. I also went to Switzerland, so I missed quite a few episodes when Salman Khan and other celebrities were on the show. When they will air my slot is a call the creative guys will take. I just love my work and don’t think of anything else.”

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She further said. “I am just a part of the team and I follow the script. I don’t get into that aspect of how much air time they are slotting for me. That’s a question you should ask Kapil Sharma,”. So, as this statement made by Sumona clearly indicates that something is not going well between them and the Question arises here that actress was gone to Switzerland and she missed few episodes. So, it could be the reason that hurt Kapil as he wants her on the set to fulfil the show with more laughter.

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Now fans are eagerly waiting for Kapil Sharma to reply on this, and it is hoped that all should be well between Sumona and Kapil as they are the most cutest and the funniest couple on off-screen. Recently, The comedian was in the news headline when he landed in trouble when he tweeted to prime minister Narender Modi about BMC Officials asking for a bribe. Things took an ugly turn and soon an F.I.R(First Information Right) was filed against him. Rumours made the news that he will be jailed for his tweets and illegal constructions.

Also, there was news that he will spend three years in jail. Later it got cleared that he will not be sent to jail but now there is another trouble he is facing as the shoot of his show “The Kapil Sharma Show” is kept on hold. His recent tweet has caught him in the Quagmire of politics so he would face some political associations and groups outside his house or shooting area which can lead to some protest. Well, this is another large trouble for the comedian.