No Special Eidi for Aamir Khan’s Son Azad Khan on Eid

No Special Eidi for Aamir Khan's Son Azad Khan on Eid

No Special Eidi for Aamir Khan’s Son Azad Khan on Eid:- On this special occasion of EID, Aamir Khan said that he gives his son Eidi of Rs. 2 only. Aamir Khan, who is believed to be one the highest earning stars in the Bollywood industry provides his son Eidi of Rs. 2 only which no child in this era would accept. That’s quite responsible for Aamir Khan to make his son modest and realize the importance of money. Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao’s son’s name is Azad Rao. He said that he doesn’t provide him anything special and also said that he doesn’t want to make him a brat and spoil him.

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Aamir khan engaged in a conversation with the media on this auspicious occasion of EID. The media He was at his mother’s residence to celebrate Eid with his family. When the reporters asked him about any special plans with Kiran and Azad, he said that since Azad’s vacations are going on, so they both are not in Mumbai and had gone to Europe to enjoy the vacations. Aamir said that he didn’t go with them because he had a lot of work to do.

Aamir Khan is currently shooting for Dangal and was looking fit.

When the media asked him about his regular plans for Eid he said that he enjoys the festival with his family. He meets them and spends the whole day with them.

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He also said that in his younger days, on the Eid, all he was interested in was “Eidi” and nothing else. Now when the time has come for him to give Eidi to his child he now understands the value of it. Media also asked the 52-year-old actor whether he shares Biryani on Eid with the other Khans of the industry (Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan) in response to which he replied that yes they do share Biryanis.