Next Jangli Billi of Don 3: Priyanka Chopra or Jacqueline Fernandez?

Next Jangli Billi of Don 3 Priyanka Chopra or Jacqueline Fernandez ?

Next Jangli Billi of Don 3: Priyanka Chopra or Jacqueline Fernandez?: – There have been many rumours about the movie ‘Don 3’ for many years since the second part of ‘Don’ was released on December 23, 2011. From the reports it has been found that the director of film Farhan Akhtar did not have any plans to direct the movie.

The cast of the movie is also not yet decided by the directors and producers. It has also been confirmed that Priyanka Chopra will not be there as a sizzling character in the film. So the fans will not be able to watch the hot chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Jangli Billi(Priyanka Chopra.)

After the success of ‘Quantico’ season 1, Priyanka is now busy in shooting of ‘Quantico Season 2’ & her upcoming Hindi film, so there is a chance for Jacqueline Fernandez to replace Priyanka from the movie ‘Don 3.’ However the reports are not confirmed yet by the director Farhan Akhtar and he denied such news by saying they are only Rumours. He also mentioned that without Priyanka Chopra the “Don 3” could not be made, and it will consume time to start working on the film.

Earlier Jacqueline Fernandez has worked with big Bollywood stars Like Salman Khan & Akshay Kumar, but now the fans are keen to see Jacqueline to work with King Khan in Don 3. Farhan Akhtar is not much worried about the making of it because he is too busy with his acting commitments to the fans and audience. But he will soon start working on it because it has been a very long time when the ‘Don 2’ was released.

The Makers of “Don 3” do not understand that from where these silly rumours are coming from. According to the makers, it is confirmed that whenever the making of the movie starts, Priyanka Chopra will be the part of it. The audience gave Fantastic reviews on ‘Don 2’, and they will love to see it next third part.