New Ghostbusters Movie faces Controversies and Haters
New Ghostbusters Movie faces Controversies and Haters

New Ghostbusters Movie faces Controversies and Haters: – Coming to the way on the 15 of next month, a horror thriller with a splash of comedy is ‘Ghostbusters’. This reboot of the old ‘classic’ original of 1984 has been in the controversies from the day it came out. It has got 880,381 dislikes on its trailer (which released on 3rd March) making it the most ‘disliked’ trailer in the history of YouTube. Maybe, the fan base of the Ghostbusters franchise was expecting something a little different from what they are going to get after waiting for around 27 years for a sequel (Ghostbusters 2 was released in 1989). Haters of this film are taking out their rage actively on the social media which is bringing out deeper issues they have with this movie like – race, class, sex. The makers of this film might not have seen this coming but the fans have more to complain about than just their memories with 1984 original being distorted.

Long before even the debut of the film’s trailer, it attracted a lot of negative response from the online communities, mostly due to the gender flip of the cast. Furthermore, this rebooted sequel of the franchise was taking place in a whole different world, where the original film and characters did not exist.

Fans are accusing this film to be racist because Leslie Jones’ character has been depicted as a toll booth worker while the other three white stars play scientists. To this Jones’ replied on her Twitter: “IT’S NOT A MAN, WOMAN, RACE, CLASS THANG!! IT’S A GHOSTBUSTER THANG!!”

With all of the criticism and gossiping going on, there is also a bright side to this story that must be looked up.

On June 13, 2016, Ghostbusters fans gathered for an event at the Event Plaza at Marina Bay Sand in Singapore, dressed as ghosts, incorporating the franchise’s famous ‘no ghost’ logo onto their costumes setting a new Guinness World Records title for the largest gathering of people dressed as Ghosts at a single venue. This event was organized by Sony Pictures Entertainment for the promotion of the release of the Ghostbusters. As an adjudicator of Guinness World Record confirmed, a total of 263 people gathered and claimed the new title.

At the event, Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig commented on the announcement and said, “Seeing this many people get their ghost on and set a Guinness World Records title is a true testament to this amazing franchise that Dan, Harold, and Ivan created 32 years ago. Fortunately, I ain’t afraid of no ghosts because we were up to our armpits in them. Ghostbusters of the world, gear up!”