Nargis Fakhri pointed out Uday Chopra with her Instagram Post?! See it!

Nargis Fakhri pointed out Uday Chopra with her Instagram Post! See it!

Nargis Fakhri pointed out Uday Chopra with her Instagram Post?! See it!: – Earlier, when Nargis Fakhri was not present in India, some rumors took place that she has left Bollywood town after her break up with famous director Uday Chopra. She was not able to comply with this tough situation and flown to New York and decided not to come back ever in Indian Film Industry. But later on, she rubbished all the rumors by uploading the pic of her upcoming flick “Banjo” with co-star Riteish Deshmukh. The Instagram post cleared all the rumors by telling that she is coming to India for the promotion of ‘Banjo.’ When media questioned her that why she left India without any reason, so she replied that she was busy with a foreign assignment, it was valuable for her to complete that. Another reason she stated that she has allegedly signed a Hollywood movie in which Nargis is playing a role of American Journalist, so there she was learning about investigative journalism for the betterment of her character.

However, the actress is completely fine now and deleted the memories of her past; now it is much vital for 36 years old actor to concentrate the B-Town. But the past can’t be forgotten quickly, and 7 hours ago the actress posted a pic on Instagram which is clearly pointing out Uday Chopra. Nargis Fakhri posted a photo of a sleeping dog looking like away from all tension and stress, within the image of the dog is it written that “How u Sleep when u single & no one is cheating on u.” So it is just a regular post of the actress is pointing our Uday Chopra that he cheated her in past? However, some hotchpotch is surely cooking between both that is why this digging game is taking place between them. Will director of ‘Dhoom 3’ put his reply on this? The chances are very less because he never replies to such things.

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Riteish Deshmukh proved himself as a good friend Nargis Fakhri when she came back to India she faced a bunch of questions from the media about her alleged break up with her boyfriend, then ‘Great Grand Masti’ actor came forward as a savior to mute all the media person. When a reporter asked her regarding her break up, then Riteish answered that ‘I am her spoke person, next question please.’ another media person asked her that why she was trying to hide her face from the media at the airport, she replied “I usually travel like that. I was wearing the hoody.” Then to protect actress he added “She used to come to the set like that. Nothing unusual in that.”