Mika Singh fightbacks Molestation & Assaulting case lodged against him

Mika Singh fightbacks Molestation & Assaulting case lodged against him

Mika Singh fightbacks Molestation & Assaulting case lodged against him: – Mika Singh has again stuck in a controversy where a model launched a case against him on Tuesday morning at Versova Police station for molesting and sexually assaulting her at Mika’s resident. she claims that the famous singer cheated her as he promised her to get modeling assignments and also a role in the movie, but a long time passed and none action has taken from his side for her work. The Police officer stated that after checking the CCTV footage of Mika’s building inquiry will be made and no immediate arrest will be made.

Now Mika Singh has explained the whole instance against the case that he did not know the model as she said both were known to each other from five years & she was blackmailing him to give 5crore rs, if not she will raise a fake F.I.R against him. On WhatsApp also she always threatens him to complete her demand of money. Mika’s wife presented herself as a witness for blackmailing her husband by that unknown girl . But on Tuesday morning that model entered his house through the window and started abusing, assaulting him and his staff too. Then she starting threatening him that if he does not pay her 5Crore Rs she will register a fake complaint and destroy his career.

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The playback singer also revealed that he already reported about this at Versova Police Station in writing. in the reports Mika “I have already informed Versova police in writing regarding the threats and extortion. I don’t know who this girl is. I have all the evidence against   this girl of she demanding money from me and I have informed the police about this incident. Police are investigating the matter and truth will be out soon,”

The complaint against him has affected him very badly but his fans are also in the confusion because Mika was engaged in three controversies in past years. Now the police are investigating the case and finding the truth if the allegations lodged by the model are valid , then Singer Mika Singh Have bear a lot of problems and it will also affect his career badly, fans will not be able to listen to his songs. it very difficult to know who is telling the truth.