Kareena Kapoor Khans’s clash with Deepika Padukone

Kareena Kapoor Khans's clash with Deepika Padukone

Kareena Kapoor Khans’s clash with Deepika Padukone: – Bebo(Kareena) is pregnant which is a good thing because there is a new family member who will join Saif Ali Khan’s family in the month of December. But recently a statement made by ‘Padmavati’s’ actor Deepika felt offensive to Kareena Kapoor Khan and got her upset; it is believed that the statement made by Deepika in a sad mood because famous Bollywood star Ranveer Singh denied saying anything about the engagement when asked by her gorgeous girlfriend. The denial was made because Ranveer feels that engagement will affect their career as both are young so this is not a right decision. After this, Deepika Padukone recently stated that she is not going to be married and also she is not pregnant. By this pregnant word used by her, it felt she is pointing her out in publically and also felt bad.

Bebo has taken this comment very personally, mentioned that Piku’s actor denied the rumors about her engagement & marriage with Ranveer but ‘Ki & Ka’s’ actress is not able to understand that why she denied being pregnant because nobody blamed her that she was pregnant. KKK said that it also an annoying that the actresses who have become a mother are no longer serious about their career.

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It is not to forget that ‘Udta Punjab’ actor showed her anger instantly when media was discussing her pregnancy like it is ‘National Casualty,’ she explained that yes she is pregnant but not a corpse, it is a natural thing that a woman produce a child. So stop treating her like anything, all are in 2016 not 1900s and in that time the public was more civilized & mannered. Media should stop treating this like anything if anybody has a problem with me then do not work with me. She has got fed up o tell everyone that her pregnancy has nothing to do with her career.

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Now, what is next in this cat fight? Will Deepika mention that she was not pointing out Kareena or she will give a good reply to her? On the other side Hubby Saif is planning for Babymoon with her wife, he want to spend some beautiful moments with her so that why he asked the crew members of her upcoming film to finish off the work quickly so that both can quickly go for the mini vacation, Begum shots will end up the month October this year after that she will be free, fans are just waiting to catch the couple posting the pics at social media handle.