Justice League 2016 Trailer Launched | Recruitment of Super Powered Team!!

Justice League 2016 Trailer Launched | Recruitment of Super Powered Team!!

Justice League 2016 Trailer Launched | Recruitment of Super Powered Team!!: – So the dream of watching Justice League in theaters is going to be fulfilled, Warner Bros posted Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage on Youtube and within three days, it crossed 12 million views this shows the craze of fans for DC comics. Earlier Dc Comice provided just an introduction of the metahumans which Batman steals from Lex Luthor to know About Kryptonite, but he suddenly found that there are also Powerful being present on earth like Superman. While analyzing it, Wonder Woman as Daina Prince also came up, after the battle will Doomsday he decided to team up all the Metahumans to save the world from upcoming enemies.

Then Ben Affleck starts hunting those powerful humans, in the Firstlook, he goes to a village & very beautifully narrates a story that reveals Aquaman, but it was very dangerous to have a talk with him. The way of uttering ‘Talk’ word after Ben reveals him is quite frightening as a human, he has no power to stop Aquaman if he has attacked him; his final answer was no. Then the no. Comes with Flash yes a runner with lightning speed, the scene starts when Bary Allen enter his house then suddenly chairs rotates and Bruce Wayne introduce himself to Flash but after explaining the situation, he denied that Bruce is looking for the wrong guy. Then Batman throws a Bat Ninja star weapon towards the Flash; he Dodges it using his lightning speed ability he escapes from the way of weapon. As the king of speed, he holds the Bat star thing in his hands then an amusing dialogue came from Ben Affleck that,”So you’re fast.”

Justice League 2016 Trailer Launched | Recruitment of Super Powered Team!!

It impresses Bary(Flash) he agrees to the deal to team up with him but also requests to keep his bat star as a fan. The role of Cyborg is not much introduced in the trailer but in the last scene, Cyborg is seen on a mission with other team members of Justice League. At the end of the trailer Cyborgs delivers a Dialogue over Ben Affleck that, “I heard about you, then think you are unreal” which is amusing and challenging. But Bruce Wayne says, “I am Real, and it’s useful,” he says so because he is just human he did have any super power like other heroes, but it is unforgettable that he have beaten Superman so hard in movie “Batman v Super: Dawn Of Justice.”

A beautiful gift from Warner Bros to fans posted on youtube which is Justice League Special Comic-Con Footage because the fans of DC Comics has seen ‘JL’ in Cartoons only. It also posted the first poster of Justice League on Twitter and given the caption ” The first look at the #JusticeLeague, straight from #SDCC2016in Hall H.”

There is a lot of time for the movie to be released because on 2 June 2017 ‘Wonder Woman’ is releasing so probably “JL” will hit the theaters 2018 or 2019 there is no information on the release date. Just three days crossed and the trailer has got 12,530,297 views till yet, so excitement can be judged by this.