Jiah Khan Death Case: Last Chance from Bombay High Court given to mom

Jiah Khan Death Case: Last Chance from Bombay High Court given to mom

Jiah Khan Death Case: Last Chance from Bombay High Court given to mom: – The famous model/actress Jiah Khan died on 10th June 2013 at Juhu apartment, Mumbai. After the investigation, police stated that reason of Jiah was suicide but Rabia Khan, mother of Jiah, filed a case against famous Bollywood actor Sooraj Pancholi who was last seen in Salman Khan’s movie ‘Hero’ blaming that Sooraj is responsible for her death. The case is kept continued from three years. The Bombay High court on 11th July 2016 (Monday)granted the request of three week time more for Jiah Khan Death case as demanded by A. Patil the lawyer if Rabia khan.

Already the court adjourned the case several times in the past, the complainant also filed a plea to transfer the case to fresh workers. Towards the development of the case, a new lawyer Dhairyasheel Patil has been appointed who demanded three weeks time to thoroughly study the matter in detail. Justice NH Patil and Justice PD Naik compromised with the case & granted the adjournment to Rabia Khan by stating that this is the last chance for her to prove any evidence against actor Sooraj Pancholi. The court also added that “The interim relief granted in the petition by way of stay on the trial in the lower court is extended for a period of three weeks.”

In against of Rabia’s complaints the lawyer of Sooraj Pancholi said, the adjournments made by court killing his client’s time, the allegation imposed by opposite side does not involve Sooraj in any way, every time delay in the case his clients suffers the most. By trying to charge Sooraj under any section like 302, 306 it’s their wish, but its needs to be done. His client is attending the Bombay High Court on every hearing. He and his client Sooraj will keep on bearing the brunt of the other party’s delaying.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) counsel Hiten Venegaonkar also opposed the request of adjournment made by Rabia Lawyer and also requested not to give any further adjournments by court but Rabia Khan sought the investigation by SIT (Special Investigation Team) by stating that the CBI is not going through the case very well as CBI is also forcing the death of Jiah was a suicide but she believes that it was a homicide. As the mother is expecting a good hearing from the High Court.

Three years have been passed but the mother of Jiah khan was not able to charge Sooraj Pancholi, she is blaming that her daughter’s death was not a suicide but it was a homicide. Sooraj Pancholi was dating with her daughter from a long time but her sudden death proves that something went wrong in their relationship and due to depression Jiah took her steps to suicide. The death of Jiah Khan was a very sad incident which shocked all the people but the case in being continued from starting, After three-week the decision of the court will be in front of everyone.