‘Jee Lenge Hum’ Official Music video launched by Zee Music Company, starring Akhil Sachdeva (Nasha)


‘Jee Lenge Hum’ Official Music video launched by Zee Music Company, starring Akhil Sachdeva (Nasha): – Zee Music company launches five to six songs every month, and it mostly gives the chance to the newcomers who want to fulfil their dream of singing and acting too. So, today it released Jee Lenge Hum which a soul stirring number and really its visuals could make people think and cry. This song covers the topics like terrorist attacks, Natural Disasters, prostitution, and all those things after which poor people suffers.

Akhil Sachdeva (Nasha) has composed it, penned its meaningful lyrics and voiced it, so he might have a taken a lot of time to complete it as the track is beautifully narrated by him. In the video, it has been shown that Akhil is a professional photographer who is very much concerned about humanity, so he has a made a collection of those pics which exactly describes that what destruction, poverty, and helplessness is. People who are poor and can’t afford the two-time food so they start illegal activities like prostitution and human trafficking. It also shows the dark picture of proud India, people who have lost their homes and how they survive after an attack or natural disaster and waiting for the help of Indian Government.

Recently, Amitabh Bachchan’s movie released in the theatre which is based on gender norms and women empowerment, after such an intense film still India have helpless women who sell their bodies for to earn some money, and this truth is revealed in this music video. The title of the music which is ‘Jee Lenge Hum’ sounds like a sad song based on love but it is not, it means that people will live their life with all the problems shown in the video which kills them every day. No matter how painful it is but people of India will live.

So with its strong visual and meaningful lyrics, this is an amazing track sung and performed by Akhil Sachdeva (Nasha). Though it will make music lovers cry as it explains some major issues that people have, but they ignore it.