Is Salman’s Sultan similar to Aamir’s Dangal???

Is Salman’s Sultan similar to Aamir’s Dangal

Is Salman’s Sultan similar to Aamir’s Dangal???: – Off recently Salman Khan in an interview stated that “Aamir is scared? He is doing Dangal, and he is scared. Then why did he do “Dangal” Why would Aamir be afraid of Sultan”. Salman Khan, the actor of the movie “Sultan”, has clearly described that there is no need to compare the two movies because both have a different storyline. And as far as script of Dangal is concerned, Samlan also said that “I have heard Dangal’s script and its outstanding”. The actor also added that “My film is different than his. We both knew that we are doing films which are based on wrestling.”

Salman Khan is the viewpoint that if Shahrukh Khan is doing some love story then does it mean that I don’t have to do a love story because Shahrukh is already doing a love story movie. It is not how the Bollywood industry works.

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The only advantage that Samlan’s Sultan enjoys is that it is releasing on 6th July 2016 whereas Aamir Khan’s “Dangal” is expected to release on 23rd December 2016 which gives Sultan an edge over Dangal. However Aamir the Perfectionist’s fans would still love to see him in the Haryanvi role. Of the three famous Khans of Bollywood industry, Aamir Khan is the only one who has tried new and different characters in his movies. Hence the overall effect is nullified. But nonetheless, it’s going to be a neck to neck between the Dabangg Star Salman and the Ghajni Star Aamir.

Storyline of the two movies- Sultan & Dangal

Speaking of Salman Khan’s movie Sultan- Movie Sultan is about a wrestler from Haryana, who has problems in his professional and personal life but beating all the odds he made a great name in the history of wrestling sport in India.

Talking about the movie Dangal- the story of movie Dangal revolves around wrestling sport which is based on the story of a wrestler Mahavir Phogat, who has two daughters who are also wrestlers- Geeta and Babita Kumari. Aamir Khan is playing the role of father of the two girls wherein he is seen motivating his daughters to join wrestling. In real life, Geeta Phogat is the first female wrestling winner of the Commonwealth Games 2010. She earned a gold medal in this. This movie also has an inspirational side where it gives the message to other parents that they should allow their children to do whatever they want to do in their lives.

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So it’s clearly evident from the storyline that both the movies are entirely different from each other, and Salman’s Sultan will have no effect on Aamir’s Dangal.

In the interview, Bajrangi bhaijan also clarified that if he were given a chance, he would have loved to do Dangal as well. It seems like wrestling has become Salman’s favorite sport. He said that “I would have done both the films, and it would have been “Sultan’s first and then Sultan’s Dangal.” However, he did brag about sharing the wrestling trainer of Sultan with Dangal and ended up saying “I am very big hearted man.”

Rumors related to the sequel of the year 1994 hit movie “Andaz Apna Apna” are also on the rolls, and we have huge expectations. When we asked Salman Khan about his patch up with Aamir, he giggled that “I have been dying to work with Aamir for the longest time.”