Irrfan Khan’s Special Promoting Plans About Madaari

Irrfan Khan's Special Promoting Plans About Madaari

Irrfan Khan’s Special Promoting Plans about ‘Madaari’: – The 49-year-old actor mentioned that his new upcoming Bollywood film ‘Madaari’ is very special to him. He wants this film to reach every corner and every person of India. In his mission of promoting the movie, he recently visited Ahmedabad along with his son and this portrays the seriousness and excitement of Irrfan Khan about the film which is based on true events.

He said that “Madaari is a very special film. The subject of the film is very intriguing, and it is a story I want to take to every nook and corner of India. I am looking forward to visiting Pune.”

‘Madaari’ has been filmed at various places & parts of India according to the story. Hence the actor has also planned to promote his film in different cities of the country.

Now he is on his mission of promoting ‘Madaari’ in every region of India, by his statement, it is clear that he will soon be visiting Pune. When Madaari’s first look was revealed on youtube viewers were very satisfied and liked the trailer which is starring Irrfan.

The movie presents Irrfan Khan as the Terrorist & a kidnapper, who is very much frustrated & angry because his child went missing & no action was taken by the officials & government to find out the whereabouts of his son. Afterward, he decides to take revenge and make things vice versa. He kidnaps the child of Home Minister and demands an explanation that when his son was missing where were these law-enforcement officers and political power lost.

Now on 15th July 2016, Madaari will show its power at the box office. The movie is directed by Nishikan Kamat, who also directed the famous movie  ‘Drishiyam,’  the film also features Jimmy Shergill as an advanced Police Man who will use his tricks to catch the Kidnapper(Irrfan Khan) in the story.