Hrithik Roshan seems calm about his HACKED Facebook account!


Hrithik Roshan seems calm about his HACKED Facebook account! : – Yesterday Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan faced a serious problem when a young boy hacked his Facebook account last evening, and the actor was unknown from this. In Today’s world social media has become a large thing which is used by everyone to stay connected to their loved ones but it also has some disadvantages too like if someone gets the password of any other person, he/she can see personal stuff of that guy. This is what exactly happened with ‘Mohenjodaro’ star; a young boy managed to hack his FB account and not only this he also changed the display picture and also started a live session or stream for few minutes. And, about two to three thousand fans saw a young boy speaking to them rather than Hrithik Roshan, The fans were totally surprised however that session or stream was removed from the account.

When Hrithik’s team got to know about the issue, they immediately rushed to handle it, and they deactivated the account and after one hour the account was back to its original owner. Now the situation is under the control and  fans were eagerly waiting for the actor to respond on this issue. And last light the star finally gave the statement regarding it, and it is looking like ‘Bang Bang’ star was least bothered about it. As Hrithik stated through his official Facebook Page that, “An enterprising individual managed to hack my page earlier in the day. However the matter has been taken care of, and the page is mine once more. – Hrithik”

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Hrithik Roshan seems calm about his HACKED Facebook account!

Hrithik Roshan seems calm about his HACKED Facebook account!

When fans got to know that he is back, they thanked him that he is back. Though it was a serious problem that a young hacker quickly hacked the account of Bollywood star and may, that hacker has done something wrong with his account or leaked any private data. As the ‘Mohenjo Daro’ actor has not revealed that what action he will take about it, and it is hoped that he will soon lodge a complaint in cyber crime regarding this matter.

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Apart from this, 42 years old actor was engaged in a controversy with Kangana Ranaut. The actress claimed that she and Hrithik were in an affair in which they had exchanged a lot of emails with each other, but the actor revealed that he does not own that Email Id from which she was getting emails, and then he filed a case against this in Cybercrime. Still, that case is going through investigation by Cybercrime.

Now, Hrithik Roshan is upset with the flop of ‘Mohenjo Daro’ at Box Office, and he has two back to back flop which is a serious matter to take care by the star. Earlier, There were reports that after the debacle of ‘Mohenjo Daro’ differences have occurred between star and director Ashutosh Gowariker, in fact, Hrithik texted him angry messages. Well, all these reports are being stated as rubbish, and now there is news that ‘Bang Bang’ star is planning to do the third film with Ashutosh.

Now fans are waiting for Hrithik’s next film ‘Kaabil’ which will be clashing with Shahrukh Khan‘s ‘Raees’ so what will happen with his next movie it will also get flop?