Here is what Roland Emmerich is talking about Marvel and India

Roland Emmerich is talking about Marvel and India
Roland Emmerich is talking about Marvel and India

Here is what Roland Emmerich is talking about Marvel and India: – Although he has mastered the art of showing on-screen world destruction through movies like “2012”, “The Day After Tomorrow,” “White House Down,” and “The Independence Day,” just to name a few. The Director Roland Emmerich does not like to put his movies as in the same frame as of the “silly” Marvel movies.

During his interview with The Guardian, promoting his upcoming film “The Independence Day – Resurgence,” his thoughts on the trend of caped heroes came out, as he quoted:
“When you look at my movies it’s always the regular Joe Schmo that’s the unlikely hero. A lot of Marvel movies, they show people in funny suits running around. I don’t like people in capes. I find it silly when someone dons a superhero suit and flies. I don’t understand it. I grew up in Germany; that’s probably why.”

It is interesting to him to call out Marvel specifically, as Marvel heroes distinct themselves from the DC’s “god-like” heroes and rather have a very “layman” nature. It is quite understandable, if you have not spent your days admiring to be one of the Marvel heroes as a kid, the concept can be very hard to believe. But Mr. Roland backs up his movies with most of the popular sci-fi concepts out there, and it is amazing to see where one draws a line and brings suspicion of disbelief.

While it is surprising to see his remarks considering that his movies are very similar to that of DC and Marvel but it is clear that he is not a fan of the increasingly popular superhero genre.

Meanwhile, a new masterpiece of Roland Emmerich is here, hitting the theaters on this Friday, June 24, 2016, is “The Independence Day – Resurgence.”

Coming in with all the excitement of the release of this movie is also some news and gossip of it.

As nothing goes without getting blasted or destroyed in this film, there is one place still safe and i.e. India and do you want to know what saves us from world destruction? Our ability to take offense.

Mumbai Mirror and 20th Century Fox reported that the makers of Independence Day -Resurgence has decided not to screen any part of India or its monuments being destroyed in the film for their reason being, as quoted – “Well, Indians are too touchy. Keeping the sensitivities of all the religious groups and other activists in mind, the makers were asked not to shoot in India or portray any prominent monuments being damaged.”
Well, the studio backing up Mr. Roland’s film surely knows which country is not to be messed with.