Gaga banned in China after she met The Dalai Lama in Indiana

Gaga banned in China after she met The Dalai Lama in Indiana

Gaga banned in China after she met The Dalai Lama in Indiana: – Famous American singer, Lady Gaga, met his high holiness The Dalai Lama at the US Conference of Mayors. The conference was conducted in Indianapolis the last weekend. The singer met the spiritual guru to talk about compassion, meditation, and other things. The conversation between the singer and the guru has also been shared on Facebook Live, which lasted for 20 minutes.

Gaga posted about it on her Instagram Page- Lady Gaga Instagram

This meeting made Gaga enter the list of the Western Celebrities who have infuriated the Chinese Fans by meeting the notable Tibetan Spiritual Leader – The Dalai Lama.

Hate Tweets are all over Twitter.

“I am unfollowing Gaga right now, really, ” wrote one f

“I am Really disappointed.”

“I loved Lady Gaga, for her outspoken character and achievements. But now I realize she doesn’t care about Chinese fans’ feeling at all. All these years’ love for her is in vain.”

And many more…

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Why Chinese Fans are disappointed?

China’s ruling communist party has declared “The Dalai Lama” as a treacherous separatist. The ruling communist party releases abuse and insult against the spiritual leader. The reason for the hatred is that the leader believes in autonomy for the mountainous provinces. Chinese government has been putting pressure on various states to not receive The Dalai Lama. Earlier this month, China also reprimanded the then Prime Minister of US, Mr. Barack Obama as he met The Dalai Lama. The leader now lives on an exile in the Indian Himalayan town.

Excerpts from the interview

Lady Gaga, the thirty-year-old singer hosted the Q&A session where she asked questions related to injustices happening in this world and also asked about how to deal with them. Most of the questions were picked from social media. And in response to the question, The Dalai Lama replied – “We all are social animals, so a man’s future depends on the community entirely”

In addition to this, he also said that “whenever a tragic situation happens in your life then you should not simply avoid it or run away from it, but you should look at the problem more deeply, more wisely, and more widely. There are positive things happening around us if only we look from a wider perspective. Most of the times we fail to see. If you look at the problem closely, you will find it unbearable but if you look at the same problem more widely then you will find positive things there.”

Lady Gaga also talked about meditation to which the spiritual guru replied “I am a poor practitioner, 81 years old, but progress? Not much!!!”

He added “You can judge my (young-looking) face, there is no special medicine. All I know is that my mind is always clear”

Both shared a laugh on the incident when Dalai Lama said “I am 81 years old with lot of experiences and my experiences are bigger than yours. To which Gaga replied “You didn’t know this but I am much older than you”.