Finding Dory swims its way up in the Box Office

Finding Dory swims its way up in the Box Office

Finding Dory swims its way up in the Box Office :- ‘Finding Dori’ is an animated movie about a blue colored tang fish who have pretty wide eyes and a serious problem of memory loss in about every ten seconds or so. The only thing she can remember now is that she somehow got separated from her parents when she was a child. And now with the help of her friends Nemo and Marlin, she sets on to an adventurous journey to find and reunite with her parents which is only possible if she can save her mom and dad from captivity at the Marine Life Institute, which she has come to know about during her journey.


This past weekend went unexpectedly for everyone one, be it the moviegoers, critics or the box office. Which was supposed to be the weekend of action and sci-fi movies like Independence Day – Resurgence and The Legend of Tarzan, was astoundingly taken away by a small animated fish. Finding Dory is a sequel to the 2003 animated film ‘Finding Nemo’ from Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures.

With the IMDb giving this movie 8/10, ‘Finding Dory’ has earned the title of the best-animated film opening ever and that too for two weeks in a row. With the minimal drop of only 45% in the second weekend, this movie collected 73.2 million USD beating Shrek 2 which was holding its record for over a decade. The second-weekend collection of Finding Dory is estimated to be higher than that of even the highest grossing movie of 2016 i.e. Captain America: Civil War, although it didn’t have the opening as big as the Civil War. As it is said that the slow and steady wins the race, this slow and stable movement of ‘Finding Dory’ will surely make its place in a bigger box office overall take.

All of this gets ‘Finding Dory’ a domestic total of $286 million for the year which takes it to the number six spot right above X-Men: Apocalypse and $50 million behind Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Cast and Crew

Director – Andrew Stanton
Producer – Lindsey Collins
• Andrew Stanton
• Victoria Strouse
Writer – Andrew Stanton
• Ellen DeGeneres
• Albert Brooks
• Hayden Rolence
• Ed O’Neill
• Kaitlin Olson
• Ty Burrell
• Diane Keaton
• Eugene Levy
• Sigourney Weaver
Music – Thomas Newman
Production companies
• Walt Disney Pictures
• Pixar Animation Studios
Budget – $200 million
Box Office – $408.4 million