Fawad Khan drunk Avatar at Manish Malhotra’s party!!

Fawad Khan drunk Avatar at Manish Malhotra’s party!!

Fawad Khan drunk Avatar at Manish Malhotra’s party!!: – The handsome hunk guy Fawad Khan who slaved the audience with his looks and innocent acting has resulted as a successful celebrity from his first movie with Bollywood Princess Sonam Kapoor. He had also become very popular for ladies as he one of the cutest heroes, everyone got excited when it was announced that he would play the role of Raja Ratan Singh as the husband of Deepika Padukone and make a debut with her. Later on, he explained the situation that he couldn’t continue with Bhansali as he has some pending projects in Pakistan so he will not be able to continue with him which made the fans down. However, Fawad was found behaving like a drunk man who was roaming in the party and talking too loud with others.

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The 34 years old actor who recently attend a Fashion show thrown by Manish Malhotra and walked the ramp out at the India Couture Week in Delhi. Still, there are gossips and talks about the odd behaviour of polite Fawad Khan. An eyewitness who taken has taken the actions seriously said that, After taking few pegs down, he was totally a different man, loud, rowdy aggressive and embarrassing. Then his voice was getting louder and can be heard from far that someone is talking angrily, team members were handling the situation by keeping his excitement down but after few drinks, he became embarrassing for everyone, he was very noticeable by people nearby him like ohh! what he is doing?

Fawad Khan drunk Avatar at Manish Malhotra’s party!!

Some are saying that this change in behaviour of Fawad Khan has come due to his success in ‘Kapoors and sons’ but it is not so true all have a right to enjoy in any way so it was a night of fun only, as a celebrity people should not focus him so much as he is just an ordinary man.