Exclusive! Shahid Kapoor’s special demands for starring with Deepika & Ranveer

Exclusive! Shahid Kapoor's special demands for starring with Deepika & Ranveer

Exclusive! Shahid Kapoor’s special demands for starring with Deepika & Ranveer: – ‘Padmavati’ movie is one of the extremely hottest topics roaming in B-Town that who will play the role of husband Raja Ratan Singh opposite to Deepika Padukone (Rani Padmini.) As ‘Befikre’ star Ranveer Singh is going to play the character of Alauddin Khilji who had a great obsession towards Padmavati. So director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was much worried about the role because no one was accepting the role and later on his hunt finished when Shahid Kapoor got finalized and agreed to do the film. So, Shahid will play the character of the husband of DP and recently there is some glimpse that the set was being prepared at Mehboob Studios yesterday which confirms that the shooting will begin in few days. But according to the latest reports ‘Haidar’ actor placed some conditions before signing the film.

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The conditions which he set are looking genuine, yes! Firstly he demanded that he will not join the shoot of ‘Padmavati’ Instantly because he has just become a father, it is not appropriate for him to adhere to the set because his wife Mira Rajput needs him to take care of her and child. The second one is that Shahid wants a change in the script before signing the contract of the film. According to the Mumbai Mirror, the actor had a precondition that ‘Padmavati’ would be a love triangle and its main leading actor is Ranveer Singh who will defeat the character of Shahid Kapoor according to the script which might harm his reputation before the fans. So he said that he would also have an equal amount of screen space with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s popular Ranveer Singh. And SLB followed the demands of ‘Haidar’ actor then edited the script of ‘Padmavati’ by keeping the role of Kapoor in his mind.

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It took a lot of time for the director to make the changes. It was kind of interesting and preassumed that the actor who will sign the role will be working as a supporting actor to Ranveer, and this was the main reason that no one was confirming the film because as no one one wants to compromise their screen time. But Bhansali after long fight found a perfect star for him who is Shahid Kapoor and he does not want to lose the performer like him at all, so that is why he made the changes to the script. Actors like Fawad Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Vicky Kaushal were approached for the role of Deepika’s husband. Once the whole casting of the film ‘Padmavati’ was affected as Sanjay Leela Bhansali was looking for the replacement for Ranveer Singh because the actor was gone for holidays in Switzerland without informing him and neither told that when he will return for the shoot.

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But all is well between them now, and ‘Bajirao Mastani’ star will play the role of Alauddin Khilji, and the whole cast will be finalized within twenty days. Both actors are now working out in the gym and becoming good friends day by day. Now Ranveer is gearing up for his upcoming movie ‘Befikre’ which will hit the theaters on 9th December 2016 and it is a directorate of Aditya Chopra.