Emma Watson’s blunt reply to all those speaking of her Sexuality

Emma Watson’s blunt reply to all those speaking of her Sexuality

Emma Watson’s blunt reply to all those speaking of her Sexuality: – Emma Watson the famous actress who played the role of Hermione Granger in amazing Harry Potter series says that some people surrounding her focus too much on her sexuality as if it’s the only aspect of her life.

People across the world loved the role of famous actress Emma, as Hermione Granger and when it comes to her being a sexual person is totally unacceptable to the audience. Emma Watson who apart from being an awesome actress is a graduate form the Brown University, is a feminist, is the ambassador of UN Goodwill.

Not very long ago she has was interviewed by The Times where she spoke about the frustrating experience of people being obsessed with love scenes. She said that she has done around fifteen movies in which she has kissed her co-stars but the audience counted it as indecent as they had that image of “Hermione Granger, a little girl.” She also said that there were various benefits of working in the series Harry Potter, as it landed her many roles in different movies but at times the fact that people are still holding the same image is so irritating.

Emma Watson is 26 years old, and she has so much to do in her life, she has so many roles to explore, but people are not ready to accept her sexuality.

Off recently, when the trailer of her upcoming movie Colonia was released, the news websites started flashing headlines which read as “Emma Watson seen in a passionate scene with her Co-Star Daniel”. This headlines seemed so inappropriate to the actress as the headlines were calling for unwanted attention to the love scenes of the actress and the co-star.

She blamed the media, that there will always be some media houses who would categorize her in the same role of goody-goody Hermione and that irritates her a lot. She also said that she used to really get bothered a lot with all these things but she has finally learnt the way of accepting things but yes it does exasperate her a lot.