Ek Kahani Juile Ki Official Movie Trailer launched| Rakhi Sawant & Amit Mehra


Ek Kahani Juile Ki Official Movie Trailer | Rakhi Sawant & Amit Mehra: – After a very long time famous item number dancer Rakhi Sawant, is going to make her debut in Bollywood with her upcoming movie “Ek Kahani Juile Ki” which is going to release on 9th September this year. The trailer full of hot scenes as sizzling Rakhi is killing people by her looks. Her delicious red lips will raise the temperature of the audience sitting in the cinema theaters. Her toned body in multiple wears like saree, one piece, and bikini have left the mouth opened. The film in based on the real life of Indrani Mukerjea who is former HR consultant and media executive, wife of Peter Mukerjea who is a retired Indian television executive. New faces have been introduced in it like Amit Mehra, Navdeep Gujjar, and Sania Punnu who have significant roles.

The trailer narrates the story of a woman who turns into a murderer for money and fame. Juile (Rakhi Sawant) is seen making love moments with her lover and spending time in high place by staring at the stars. Then one day her astrologer says that she can’t marry her boyfriend because next day her lover is going to die. Next day it was reported that her boyfriend had been murdered in his residence and to investigate the case of the crime Jimmy Shama as a cop gets appointed by the police force. The role of a police officer is remarkable, as he has put his all efforts to solve the case, he mainly targets Juile as the officer finds some clues that clearly point that the murderer is Juile.

In the starting of the teaser, Sania Punnu and Rakhi Sawant are good friends but later on they both seems battling each other for their career. A famous director Niketan Kapoor make some business venture with the girls and makes a deal that if they sleep with him, both will be rich. Now both good friends turn into enemies to each other to get successful in the modeling industry. The concept of ‘Ek Kahani Kuile Ki’ resembles with Mallika Sherawat’s Dirty Politics in which she was also applying political techniques for name and fame. One noticeable thing is that Rakhi Sawant is not using her voice, her dialogue has been dubbed, the reason for it could be the director did not found her voice suitable for the film.

“Ek Kahani Juile ki” is all set to hit theaters on 9th September 2016 along with Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s ‘Freaky Ali’ presented by Salman Khan which can affect Rakhi’s number, as great names are attached with ‘Freaky Ali’ like Director Sohail Khan, Actor Arbaaz Khan and Sallu Miya. So the possibility is that the people will have more attention towards Kick’s actor upcoming film.