Bigg Boss 10 Promo Launched! Salman Khan looks Dashing as Astronaut


Bigg Boss 10 Promo Launched! Salman Khan looks Dashing as Astronaut: – The most awaited show BB10 promo is out now and in it, Salman Khan is looking Dashing as an astronaut in the video. This season will be the most promising season ever because commoners will get a chance to get locked up in the house of Bigg Boss and play the tasks. When the news came in front of general public, all fans and followers started packing their bags to take part in it. Last season got weak responses from the fans because of the celebrities who were bot able to raise the interest. Some were saying that the script was already written that’s why the show was favoring contestant Prince Narula, and this myth got true when Prince Narula won 9th season. It was a case of disappointment for all, and so makers immediately decided to introduce something new to the people.

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In the promo, Salman Khas is promising to the audience that the current season will be entirely different from the other released seasons and he said, “Ab Amm Public Aa Rahi Hai Pehli Baar In Bigg Boss, Toh Create Hogi History But Kya Hoga That Is The Mystery. Bigg Boss Season 10 With Common Women and Men.” The actor is talking about history will be created with the show which cleary indicates that something will be introduced in it which will leave people’s mouth opened. This show is the topic of arguments and today’s young Junta knows how to do argument properly. The actor had revealed that this season would be tougher for him to host because of the commoners who will make it more entertaining to watch.

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When its 9th season ended, and the news came that commoners will too get a chance to appears in next season, people started preparing their audition videos at YouTube in which they were introducing themselves and also explained that what unique ability they have which will be beneficial for the Bigg Boss. This time in the video Salman Khan appeared on the moon which gives the people interesting hints related to house of the show. In one of the season, the actor was seen as a pilot in the promo whereas the contestants were sheltered on airplane shaped house, so the makers might have designed house according to the season 10th promo.

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With this promo, the show has paid the ultimate tribute to the fans of Bigg Boss. The decision of taking commoners to do the show makes sense because there are hardly few celebrities left in the industry which can be included in season 10. Last time season 9 got almost failed because of the poor quality of the contestants. Now, the time has again come to get stuck with TV screen to watch India’s number one reality show with Sallu Miya.