Amrita Singh asked Sara Ali Khan to deny for Karan Johar’s film! Why!?


Amrita Singh asked Sara Ali Khan to deny for Karan Johar’s film! Why!?: – There are long time gup-shups about Sara Ali Khan‘s Bollywood debut, and every Bollywood fan was quite sure that Producer Karan Johar who is well known for launching star kids in the Indian Film industry would definitely launch her. But, soon there are now other reports which suggest that Sara Ali Khan has not only rejected to star in Karan Johar upcoming film “Student Of The Year 2” but also refused his next offered film which is the remake of The Fault In Our Stars. It is a serious thing for the producer as he has so much name and fame in the film industry. In addition to this, Sara’s mother, Amrita Singh quit the agency which was managing her daughter’s work and that same agency also handles utmost Karan Johar’s discoveries. Now the question arises that why Amrita Singh does not want to launch her beautiful daughter with a Karan Johar film? Is there something which gone wrong between the business friendship?

The answer to that is here; exclusively revealed that why Amrita Singh doesn’t want Sara to be known as Karan Johar’s next star Kid discovery because the mother is in fear that Sara’s name will get lost like other star kids which KJ has launched in Bollywood including his favorite, Alia Bhatt! Yes! You heard right the proud mother wants her daughter to stand out and be a real star of her own than standing with Karan Johar’s league of famous star kids who are already ruling the industry. And, there is a deep meaning in Amrita’s thoughts, I mean just ask one question from yourself that if Sara makes her debut with Karan Johar, no doubt as a new face she will get boom success and she will become the most exciting Bollywood break. But, will she ever be considered over Alia Bhat? Obviously not, she will be secondary, like just an addition to popular star kids league right? Now, it would be an another thing that Sara might be able to defeat other star kids with her very first movie.

So, this is the clear reason that why Amrita Singh is not ardent to collaborate with Producer Karan Johar for Sara’s debut film. There are small chances that the business friendship between Amrita and KJ might get affected, so that does not mean that Sara Ali Khan will face difficulty in her Bollywood debut. The young actress is already in talks to star in Anil Sharma’s Genius in which his sons ‘Utkarsh’ will also make his debut. So, will it be a smart decision on Sara’s part to sign Anil Sharma’s film as her much-awaited debut film? Only time will tell.

Apart from this, Saif Ali Khan‘s daughter Sara Ali Khan’s abs that were on full display at Karina Kapoor Khan‘s birthday bash could give Katrina Kaif a run for their money. Wearing white crop top and a black shrug, Sara flaunted her midriff like she meant business. Saif’s daughter Sara is literally turning heads for all the hot reasons right now! She has undergone a drastic makeover and has lost much weight, and from her chubby cute self, she has turned into one hottie.

Check her before and after picture, and you will be in for a treat and loads of a gym motivation.

Sara Ali Khan Fat pics

Sara Ali Khan Fat pics

Yes, these pictures are more than enough you for you agree that Sara is literally here to take over the Bollywood with her debut and sickeningly hot charm.

Sara Ali Khan Fat pics