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Well, that’s just only partly true 😛 , but now that we have got your attention let us tell you about ourselves.

Like all the other big ideas are made this one was also discussed in an intense discussion over chai and suttas. Swapan Das and Naman Trikha two of the masterminds behind the making of this masterpiece are not some kids to be taken lightly. While both of them are pursuing their degree of B.tech (barely) in Computer Science branch, they have tremendous knowledge about their respective fields. Swapan is the one who knows the happenings of the entertainment industry inside and out. He is a passionate and hard working guy & also the master of SEO. Whereas, Naman is the brains behind the back-end and front-end tech. Also, he knows freakishly too much about the comics and fictional characters.

And with both of them putting their skill sets together, they made a wildly informative and creative gem, ReputeNews with the agenda of not only telling their audience about the everyday happenings in the entertainment industry but also bluntly putting all the controversies & gossips happening behind the cameras in front of everybody.

Now, you might follow a lot of celebrities and their lifestyles, or you might be the one who gets in love with their on-screen characters, but there is a lot of action going behind the eyes of a usual viewer for whom our site will be a magnifying glass and help them to see what goes behind the making of all the movies and celebs. What makes them what they are and moreover what is the actual motive behind anything and everything that happens in the entertainment industry.

We might be small right now but as the Joker (not so romantically) said to Batman “You complete me,” our audience is also the other half of what we do. Your support is the biggest factor for us and whatever we do our audience is and will always be the first priority to us.

Well, that was a lot of talk! Thank you for giving your precious time. If you want to discuss more on any of the aspects of our site or to share something with us, we would be more than happy to hear from you. Feel free to CONTACT US anytime or you can email us on contact@reputenews.com. Our Dynamic team is always there for you!

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