’31st October’ Official Trailer Launched | Ft. Soha Ali Khan & Vir Das


’31st October’ Official Trailer Launched | Ft. Soha Ali Khan & Vir Das: – It is a real incident that happened on 31st October 1984 when Prime Miniter of India Indira Gandhi was murdered by her bodyguard who was a Sikh. It shocked the whole nation by which every Indian of different religions started killing all the Sikhs in the riots. It was the day Indira Gandhi was getting ready for the interview by foreign channels and she was dressing in a particular way without knowing that it was her last day. The bodyguard who assassinated Indira Gandhi at her residence was Satwant Singh with another bodyguard Beant Singh. When this news reached the ears of every person, it generated massive Anti-Sikh riots in which people were killing every single Sikh and their families, females of Sikh were raped, and small children were killed. So, Director Shivaji Lotan Patil is introducing the first movie which will tell the whole story regarding 31st oct, 1984.

In the trailer, a Sikh family is trapped in Anti-Sikh riots in a part of Delhi and the man of that family is requesting someone on the phone to save him with his family. It is the story of Sikh Man named Devendra who wants to protect his family from the riots. At that time Indian politics was so weak which got failed to save the Sikhs, everyone was blaming Turban men that they betrayed India. The Anti-Sikh people thought that every Sikh was the agent of Pakistan, and they forgot that Sikh religion was born to protect Hindu religion.

In the movie ’31st October’ Vir Das is playing the role of Devendra and Soha Ali Khan playing the role of his wife. It is going to hit the theaters on 7 October this year. Other actors Vineet Sharma, Deep Raj Rana, Gurjit Singh, Lakhwinder Singh, Aksshat Saluja, and Nagesh Bhonsle are in significant roles.